There is a huge request to change air transport and aviation as part of the green transition.

Helsinki West will be on the forefront of this transformation and carbon-neutral travel chain. UAV systems, new logistics chains for goods and passengers, hydrogen technology, U-Space and UTM, electrical self-sufficiency, automation and autonomy are the keywords in our vision.

Runway condition monitoring

Runway condition monitoring is one of the first development projects in Helsinki West.

UAV systems

Logistic services by using UAV systems. Critical items, like medical ones, could be delivered to and from.

Learning hub

We want to be a center where people can come and learn. Then use their skills to develop something more clever.

If you are interested in joining, do not hesitate to contact us.

Vision 2030

Helsinki West after ten years.

On an autumn morning, the runway lights come on. A small bike device ensures the condition of the runway. Soon the cargo UAV arrives quietly sighing.

Next, more than a dozen passengers will gather at the airport. Heart Aerospace’s plane is ready to leave for Tallinn.

A few small logistics drones take the medical products to the other side of the ridge. As the sun rises higher, solar cells begin to accumulate energy. It wears out over the course of the day. In a few weeks, the field will already have to use the energy stored in the summer.

At midday, flight activity has already picked up significantly. Aircraft are powered by seal electricity and biofuels. The airfield is completely carbon neutral.

In the halls and office buildings next to the runway, aircraft are serviced and new projects, concepts and solutions regarding aviation are being developed. Subcontractors frequently visit offices.

The airport employs a hundred people and thousands indirectly.

The day ends with the departure of the cargo UAV and the return of the Heart Aerospace aircraft.

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