Nummela is an uncontrolled airfield.

We are happy to welcome pilots all over the world to visit Finland via Nummela, Vihti. Our facilities provide services for all aviators and aviation companies. Nummela serves as a convenient gateway to Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Arriving pilots – please check the C-area of the website. 


Located in a beautiful spot near Nummela Center, our cozy Airmotel has plenty of rooms for weary travelers.


Catering, oil, fuel, transportation to and from - you name it!


Defect rectifications and 50h maintenance for most typical aircraft.

Shops and markets

The shops and markets of nearby Nummela Center provide everything you need in your aviation journey.

Weather station

Our trustful companion in forecasting flying conditions. You can also check if it's time for jogging or cycling. Pilots might have other interests, though.

Night VFR and IFR

Runway lighting, IFR procedures and runway intrusion warning system allow safe arrivals and departures. Ready in Spring 2023.