5 reasons to locate your business in Vihti Growth Center.

Vihti is a growth center at its best. A strong corporate culture and investments in the future of the business make Vihti the perfect place to be. In Vihti you are located in the middle of great transport connections, at the junction of the E18, VT2 and VT25 highways. Within less than an hour’s drive you are able to reach a market of 1.5 million people.

Low cost level

Fast transport connections

Comfortable and safe environment

Good access to labor

Proximity to the market


In the future, Nummela Airport in Vihti will be a pioneer in the development of electric and unmanned air traffic in both recreational aviation and light cargo traffic. The central location in Uusimaa enables Nummela Airport to become a significant part of the entire electric aircraft network. The projects of the Vihti municipality’s sustainable energy and climate action plan also aim to support companies’ measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

The population of the municipality has been growing steadily over a long period of time. The working-age population aged 25-42 has moved to Vihti in particular. The level of education of the population is high and we are among the best in Uusimaa in terms of employment rate. The municipality’s attractions among migrants have been the municipality’s good service structure, safe environment close to nature and diverse housing opportunities. For companies, the proximity of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, excellent transport connections and a more favorable cost level than the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, both in terms of plots and business premises, give a clear competitive advantage. The completion of the Turku One Hour Train -project planned for the 2030s will also accelerate the positive development.

The number of operating companies in Vihti is now about 3,000. Vihti offers a unique opportunity for growth-oriented companies by actively addressing companies’ needs and enabling individual solutions. We will be happy to present the opportunities offered by Vihti to your company, whether you are a current or future entrepreneur in Vihti. With us the customer’s needs are always solved in a flexible, business-friendly way.

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Mika Partanen
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Business Advisor
Olli-Heikki Dahlgren
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